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What to do - when using 5 Messages Apps is not enough


Usually installing too many apps and downloading from the internet takes up too much space on the phone storage to make users struggle at times.

The technology is helping millions to successfully get through their day’s work in the world; people use iPhone in their jobs and personal lives to organize their workflow and gain a lot of benefit from these tools. Professionals do a lot of things on smartphones and iPhone, they communicate and organize their days, find their way around the street and avoid bad weather when going out on driving. Sometimes apps are lacking engagement despite being used to the users; their retention is low while they drive the downloads. There are two possibilities here, either they need to optimize certain user flows, or they are missing out on key opportunities to engage their apps.

What Could be Better About the Tools

If you stare at your iPhone screen, then you will most probably find the Google, Gmail, Spotify, Calendar and Google Maps. Apple has a nice set of software to provide to its customers, but iPhone still needs some improvements in the form of operating system updates and apps. The mobile phone industries are not only trying to provide the latest software and hardware to the users, but they are also trying to impact the human life on the daily basis by providing activities like driving, shopping, and eating.

Reliance on Tech products

People are mostly obsessed with the tech products like Alexa and Amazon Echo. Without these apps, they feel as if they are lost. Alexa tells them their schedule, the news, and latest weather at the beginning of a perfect day. Most people do not interact with people as much as they interact with their iPhone devices when they get up in the morning. They can also check their Alexa app while they are at work and see what’s happening.

Increasing Mobile Engagement

When using five messages apps is not enough, this situation can be frustrating sometimes. There is a lot of investment and effort put into the app marketing including the app store optimization and social media marketing; using the push notifications can be a useful way to spread the word out about the app. Using the right push notification strategies ensure that the users are not overwhelmed with the irrelevant notifications.

When Storage is not Enough

There might be more than a single reason why your iPhone may present a message of Not Enough Storage on the screen. There is a chance either the iCloud storage limit has been reached or the internal storage capacity of the device has been full. In any of these situations, the preference must be given to the data that is important and permanently stored in the phone storage. Understanding this storage message is the key to solve the problem of storage.

Salving Storage Problems

The storage capacity of iPhone or iPad becomes low when users install too many apps and store too many videos and photos. Downloading books from the internet eats up the storage and device cannot take it anymore. It takes some time to reach the full limit of a storage capacity of the smartphone device when you have a 128GB of storage capacity; when the storage is full, it is not possible for you to store and download any more apps and videos on the phone. The used and available space is usually listed in the iPhone in the Storage Manager. Do the following if the storage is full and you desperately need some space to continue your work.
• Try deleting the old messages on the phone to free up some space.
• Move some of your photos, videos, and eBooks to your computer storage device temporarily until you solve the low storage issue.
• Try to enable the iCloud photo library that will store full resolution photos on your device. That will also reduce the storage requirements on the device
• If there are the overwhelming number of apps installed on the device, this eats up a lot of storage. The device needs cleaning by deleting some apps that are no longer in use.
• Avoid downloaded massive movies on the device because they take up a lot of space.
• Connect your device to the iTunes on your computer and view the graph to see the summary of the memory usage.
• Back up the data to the computer using iTunes or iCloud storage.
• Apple also provides iCloud users 5GB of free space to take backups. Make sure this space is not all used up otherwise your device will not be able to back up.

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Ellie Harry has been an editor of a tech magazine for five years, she loves to write and also won the best essays competition in her college.
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