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Thursday Jul 19, 2018

Are you serious? Want to start your carrier as a female escort in Delhi? If yes, we will give you complete guide to push your effort in right direction.

Okay, let’s start - if you make your mind to be an escort in Delhi you should start targeting tourist area and know the complete area just like a tourist guide. You can start your business from your home and this business has a potential to provide you a good amount of revenue. You have to keep focus on building the links with tourist, hotel in surrounding areas, Airport and with travel agencies. Promote yourself aggressively that can help you to a most demanding escort. Try to get reference from your clients, travel agent, hotel staff and from event management staff by giving them commission tips.

You can tie yourself with any escort agency as a part time. Your job is to entertain your partner, there are no fix rules for it, and you have to use your mind. If you get success to satisfy your clients, you will definitely get repeat booking and more referrals from them. One more thing I personally like to tell you that you have to decide on which category you want to choose as an escort like straight, lesbian or bi-sexual. The category depends on your choice. If you are comfortable with both (Men & Women) then your business become more viable and sustaining for healthy growth.

Finally, all depends on your dedication, your looks and most important demand. My advice is do a thorough research on escort business before venturing into it. Meet with the people who are running own escort agencies in Delhi. Ask them how much you can earn in a month. What about security, security means physical and health both. After doing your research make a proper plan, it will help you in procuring the necessary fund which will required to run this business.

If you are ready with business plan and funds in your hand - you are good to start your Delhi escorts business.

Interesting facts about escort or a call girl

1. Female Escort/Call Girls Jobs is to entertain the clients in private. It can make you rich (Not like business tycoons). Offer some exciting benefits including new places to visit, staying in five star property, learn new languages and some other hidden benefits.

2. You can earn 10000/- Rs to 30000/-Rs in a day. All depends on your profile. How you look , how much your are educated, your skin texture, your dressing sense, your sense of humor and most important quality of services you provide.

3. Being an escort means you are growing to start the oldest profession. It is a service sector, means service is the most important ingredient for you.

4. Now days you can face lots of competition, but still you have a chance to prove yourself as an escort in Delhi. Starting an escort business might be difficult for beginners, but because it is a service oriented industry, you required only skills and dedication. No technical knowledge is required in escort business.

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Friday Jul 13, 2018

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Wednesday Jul 11, 2018

Being happy is a matter of perspective. There are lots of people going around us who are absolutely miserable with their lives.

When people think of escorts though, they tend to automatically assume that terrible circumstances led them to that profession and that they must be automatically unhappy with their lives. But is this true? We went down to the trenches and conducted a research. We talked to several escorts, mostly escorts from Chennai and asked them about their lives and how they feel about their choices. You may be surprised to find out what they had to say.


Like any other career and professions, you’re bound to get the low moments and happy moments. Cassandra a female escort in Chennai told us, the competitiveness of having to satisfy the different clients and making better connections is the ultimate goal of an escort, of course at a premium fee. It’s the same principle applied in other business ventures. Women tend to think that an escort is a pretty name for prostitutes. But until you deeply understand what goes on in this business then you will never make it. Sandra, a female Chennai escort, says it gives her great satisfaction to be someone’s listener, a friend, providing that companionship that most men lack in their matrimonial homes. It is the same feeling you get when you close a deal or when you have had a particularly productive day at the office.